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Postpartum Care Kits to Fiji

What a joy to finally get to send a box of postpartum care kits to Fiji! 

Med4OurWorld (our parent organization) has gone to Taveuni, Fiji for surgical mission trips for eight years so we have deep relationships with the hospital staff there. It was on one of these trips that Marisa inspired to start Mama2Mama!

The hospital staff take great care of the new moms but since it is a small island, they lack a lot of the resources we take for granted.

Thanks to you, we’ve delivered 32 care kits to the Taveuni hospital. These kits helped each mom with her postpartum recovery and made her feel seen and loved.

On the last visit to Fiji, we also took a box full of cloth baby diapers and reusable sanitary pads for young girls. Having sustainable options like these is such a game changer in remote locations. Not only does it cut out the need to continually purchase diapers or pads, it also means less trash in the village. 

We will be headed again to Fiji in May and plan to take six more totes full of kits and supplies. If you would like to be part of that delivery, please follow the link to donate below!


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