Clean Us!! (no purchase necessary)

If you’re like most girls, you probably have a small collection of makeup brushes. A few you probably use every day, some are there for when you’re feeling a little creative, and others are just there hanging out in the back. We’ll call those the wallflowers.

Whether you use them every day, or just on occasion, they NEED to be cleaned. These are tools that have makeup, dirt, bacteria and free radicals chillin’ inside them. You can actually do some damage to your skin when you don’t properly clean them, SO I have a little trick that’s easy and costs me nothing.

Chances are, you have a shampoo bottle or 2 that sit in the back of your shower somewhere behind the new body wash and an old cream cleanser. Maybe it’s even made it’s way into the back of your linen closet, where I keep the products I’ve tried but don’t love and don’t have the heart to throw away just yet. Dust that shampoo bottle off and USE it to clean your makeup brushes!! You won’t feel so bad about wasting money and you won’t have to go out and buy that expensive brush cleaner from Sephora.

After I wash my makeup brushes with warm water and shampoo, I take a small travel-size spray bottle, fill it with rubbing alcohol and spray each brush with it before I lay them flat to dry. Now your brushes are clean, disinfected and ready to be used on your delicate face! I do this about once a week!

High Frequency

I am so happy when I see my clients’ skin improves! (even when said client happens to be my husband). I actually do a lot of high frequency treatments on many clients who have acne. So many people suffer from acne, whether you’re 14 years old or suffering from adult acne, high frequency treatments are effective and successful. (in Kristal’s terms, this thing works!) Non-invasive, no-pain, easy treatments to help kill bacteria under the surface of the skin, leaving smooth, clear skin.

Wedding Makeup

I love doing bridal makeup! It makes me feel so good to see happiness on people’s faces when they see their own reflection in the mirror! I was too anxious to do my own makeup for my wedding day and I was SO grateful to the very skilled makeup artist who did my makeup!! I’m glad I get to help women feel and look their best. Being an esthetician is extremely fun, I get to be creative and I really enjoy what I do!

Easy Eyelashes

I love using these 2 products together, and I have a trick!

I use the Lash Conditioner in the middle…So FIRST I put a layer of Volumizing Mascara, then a layer of Lash Thickener and Conditioner, and then another layer of mascara. The lash thickener is white, so I think of it like an Oreo 😉

My Skin Care Regimen

My morning and evening skin care regimens! *Tip: did you know you might be dehydrating your skin just by improper use of your product?! Here’s what you NEED to remember: do NOT let your toner or serum dry completely before putting your moisturizer on! Putting your serum on when the toner is still damp allows the product to be drawn into the pore rather than just sitting on the surface of your skin.

Leave the serum “sticky” when you put your moisturizer on, this will help the product to be drawn in and LOCK on to the moisturizer, keeping your skin hydrated! *Even if you have oily skin, you NEED to keep it moisturized!