Homemade All Natural Body Tanner

I have never had nice, smooth legs. You know those girls (maybe you’re one of them..I hate you) who have really beautiful legs? No bumps, scars, freckles, cellulite, just all one-tone and even? That has never been me. I have always had very fair skin and my legs never tan. They always burn and when the redness subsides, I am left with the true form: Pasty. Because of that, every flaw is magnetized: Cellulite, bruises, and after a pretty serious car accident, many scars.

Pregnancy and child birth didn’t help matters. I got spider veins, varicose veins and even more cellulite. Thank you, genetics and mother nature. You evil bitch.


In order to feel remotely confident in a dress or shorts, I have always used self tanners to hide all of these imperfections. If you have used them yourself, you know they ALL smell. This is from  Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA), which is basically the main ingredient. The smell never really bothered me all that much but my husband could smell it from a mile away. I would so much as open a bottle and he would call out from the living room: “Are you using that smelly tanner again??” They would stain the sheets too, so there was no hiding it.

I tried every single brand of tanner from the cheap stuff at Walgreens to the really expensive stuff at Sephora. They all smell. All of them. So, I switched from self tanners to airbrush tanners, which is basically makeup for your legs. It washes off with soap and water and because it isn’t meant to create a lasting tan, doesn’t include Dihydroxyacetone, so it doesn’t smell! Whala!

When I because pregnant, I really started paying attention to the ingredients in these (and all of my) products. Some of them were pretty scary, if you do the research. Parabens, dangerous preservatives, etc. I didn’t want my child to one day have health issues because we didn’t know in 2016 that using Phenoxyethanol causes brain tumors or something.

I decided to look for an all-natural or organic airbrush body makeup that washes off with soap and water. There wasn’t anything out there, so I decided to make it myself.

After a TON of research and turning our tiny kitchen into my own, personal chemistry lab, I realized that I wasn’t a chemist BUT I am an esthetician, which really helped. By trial and error, I discovered how to make my own all-natural diaper cream, super-hydrating moisturizer (I’ll share soon in future post) AND the most perfect body makeup I have ever used.

First, you need an all-natural/organic body lotion, preferably unscented. Read the ingredients. If you don’t know what something is, look it up. I use one with ingredients I understand. Next, you need to decide if you need light, medium, or dark makeup. I am medium, so I use the Neutral pigment blend, which I think is the most versatile.

Here are the 2 dry makeup ingredient blends I use:



I blend together 1 Tbs. Body Lotion, 1 tsp. Pigment Blend and 1/2 tsp. Bronze Mica, and here are the results:

Screenshot_2017-08-06-19-15-42-120170814_19540620170806_19070220170814_195521I have never seen better results with any other product out there that I have tried. Because I eliminated coconut oil (one of my MANY attempts), it finishes like a matte makeup. No oil, no rub-off, no slick. I let it dry like I would with a liquid foundation and then dress and go!!

It doesn’t rub off on my clothes but I do shower before I sleep because I don’t like the feeling of makeup in bed!

I’ll be posting my “recipe” for all-natural diaper cream and super hydrating moisturizer ASAP!! Stay tuned:)