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  1. Hey Krystal. I read your blog about wes and I just want to say that it was very good. I know you weren’t treated very well by my family after the accident and I would really like to apologize for that. You did not deserve it. Whatever happened that night was no one’s fault we all lost one of the most amazing ppl this world will ever see. Wes has characteristics about him that I just dont see. His loyalty and altruism were second to none. I’ve also never seen anyone have as much passion as he did. But I’m sorry for the way I treated you. I dont k how if I said anything disrespectful but if I did I’m sorry. Now my family is dealing with this all over again. I Cant help but think how devastated wes is or would have been right now. Like you said he put those he loved up on pedestal. I’ve had to write and read both of my brother eulogies and I’m not even 35. I am having such a hard time Krystal. I dont think I will ever be whole again. I dont know how to come back from this. How do I move on, how do I live on when they cant. I could talk for years about how terribly broken I am. I just wanted to reach out n let u know that no one was ever really mad at you no one ever did not like you. We just didn’t know how to deal with our grief. Maybe you could reach out to my mom sometime I think she would really like that, like really like it. Or just swing by when ur in mass or on Cape. I’m happy that you found a good man and are a mother wes woulda wanted that. Well anyways just wanted to let u know u are thought of still and wonder how u doing, atleast in this head. Stay in touch bye

    1. I wrote you a Facebook message just now. I wasn’t sure the best way to get a hold of you. If you see this first, Thank you. It means more to me than I could explain to hear from you and you don’t need to apologize to me for anything. I would really just like to talk to you if that’s ok? I’d love to hear your voice and have a conversation, if we could? (508)-367-6961

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