mamas are strong. together we are a community.

Motherhood and early postpartum is emotionally and physically challenging, and we are not meant to do it alone. Together we can be a foundation for one another and our children. Mama2Mama is a community of mothers bridging the gap for mothers in need by providing support, resources and connection via access to essential items, education and advocacy.

Who could care for new moms better than moms?

As if bringing life into the world isn’t challenging enough, many new mothers begin their parenting journey without access to basic necessities many of us take for granted.

We are mama-led and mama-focused, and we believe every person deserves love. When mom’s needs are met, she can better take care of her family. Today, we are calling on mothers, caregivers, and allies around the world to come together and support new moms.

Those first few months with a new baby can be challenging and isolating, and who cares for anyone better than a mama?

Send care kits that heal, comfort, and encourage

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Reusable Underwear

Perineal Bottle


Perineal Cold Pack

Reusable Sanitary Napkins


Cloth Baby Diapers

Nipple Cream

Newborn Bottles

Manual Breast Pumps

and Nipple Shields

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Every dollar you give helps her love and protect her newborn.